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Towing with a Ford Everest?

Ford everest Trend

Ford Everest Towing Capacity

It often comes up on Facebook Groups about towing with a Ford Everest and what is the Ford Everest Towing Capacity. Great car and good value for money but some of the Vans people are towing are just way too big and heavy for an Everest.

Here are some numbers based on the following assumptions:

Vehicle: 2021 Ford Everest Trend 4WD 3.2L
Max Towing Capacity: 3000Kg

Caravan: Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) of 3100Kg

Ford Everest Trend 4WD 3.2L fully loaded to Max GVM

GCM5800Max Combination Weight of Car and Van legally allowed
GVM3100Max Legal Weight of Car fully loaded (Passengers, Accessories, Fuel etc)
Kerb Weight2437Empty Car with a full tank of fuel. No accessories. (As defined by Ford)
Payload Available663= GVM – Kerb Weight. Payload is the amount of stuff you can load into the car
Add Tow Ball Weight248Assumes 8% of fully loaded Caravan with an ATM of 3100 kg (8%-15% is average)
Payload Remaining415= Payload – Tow Ball Mass. Remaining for Passengers, Accessories or luggage
So now assume you add 4 people and luggage to the car weighing 415kg
Reduced Max Towing Capacity2700When the car is fully loaded to 3100kg, there is only 2700Kg left before exceeding the Max Combination Mass of 5800 Kg. This means if your Van of 3100Kg is loaded to more than 2700 Kg, you would be overweight and towing illegally. Not to mention uninsured

So what are the options?

The numbers above assume the car is fully loaded, utilising 100% of the Payload. If the car is only loaded to 2900 Kg (200Kg less than max payload), the Max Towing Capacity then becomes 2900 Kg. So pack carefully and only take what you need.

Be careful though. The payload includes accessories like bull bars, roof racks, spotlights, fridges, dual batteries etc. Just adding a bull bar and a second battery can use 100kg to 125kg of your payload.

If you have any questions, please comment below and I will respond as fast as I can or contact us via our website. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for towing news and updates.

Happy and safe travels!


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