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Need help with Tow Weights?

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Different terms and different acronyms for the same weight definitions can make understanding caravan and vehicle weights extremely confusing.

Failure to abide by the towing regulations, including maximum loads, may result in a fine, or in the case of an accident, refusal of the insurance claim, and the possibility of further legal action.

In order to tow safely and legally, you must tow within your car’s towing capacity, which is the maximum amount of weight your vehicle is able to tow as recommended by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, some of the abbreviations, acronyms and definitions regarding weights, can be confusing. And to make matters even more confusing, 3500kg towing capacity as advertised by the manufacturer, does not mean you can tow 3500kg legally.

The information and examples below will hopefully help you understand weights and what it means for your towing capacity. If you need some help or advice, do not hesitate to contact us with your vehicle details.

Check out our webpage for a full list of Caravan, Vehicle & Trailer weight terminology.